Truly Swiss Watches

The Swiss Franc - Classique

This particular version of the Swiss Franc is all business.  The design is highly-legible in keeping with its military heritage, which demanded easy legibility in any situation.

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The Swiss Franc - Skieur

For a little more punch the Skieur is perfect. The dark blue indices and red triangle markers on the snow-white dial show the world that you're not afraid to stand out.

The Swiss Franc - Tricolore

Show your love for quality watches, or just your love of great style! Thanks to the stunning "sunburst" blue dial, this is the watch to wear when you want to make a statement.

Built Honestly, To the Highest Specifications

Unless you've been spending thousands of dollars on your watches, chances are that those that say "Swiss Made" on the dial are not made in Switzerland at all.

In fact, until recently to qualify as "Swiss Made", a watch only had to:

  • Contain a "Swiss Movement"
  • Be assembled and inspected in Switzerland

A "Swiss movement" is one that:

  • Is comprised of at least 50% Swiss parts by value
  • Is assembled and inspected in Switzerland

That's more like "Swiss Assembled"!

Recently introduction regulations strengthen what it means for a watch to be "Swiss Made", yet they still allow companies to get away with a substantial amount of non-Swiss content.

This means:

1. "Swiss Made" watches will increase in price 

2. Watches that fell under the old designation will cost the same but no longer be "Swiss-Made", and the value proposition of the larger brands to customers is brought into question

An Atelier Vaucher watch will far exceed the latest Swiss regulations, at the price of watches built under the old laws!  While other companies focus solely on margins, and source their components from around the world to meet their targets, an Atelier Vaucher watch will always be made in one locality with only the most top-of-the-line parts to satisfy the most rigorous performance requirements.


Delivered Directly To You

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The longstanding, very loose definition of "Swiss-Made" means that larger companies for decades have been allowed to source the majority of their components from abroad (for instance China, Malaysia or the Philippines), and then simply ship them to Switzerland for final assembly and testing.

This is not good enough.

In the highly conservative Swiss watch industry, where even selling watches through an online channel is considered "radical" and cutting-edge, Atelier Vaucher uses the power of crowd-sourcing and the Internet to deliver watches directly to you that are designed, built, assembled and tested in Switzerland.

This enables you to avoid the multiple markups along the watch distribution chain, and pay much less while obtaining much more than you would with the larger brands.

At An Incredible Value

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