The Importance of "Made In Switzerland"

One aspect of this project from which I will never stray a millimeter is my commitment to have the Swiss Franc watches be as close to 100% Made In Switzerland as possible, rather than the ambiguous directives of the traditional "Swiss Made" label.

I've been asked "who cares?", usually followed up with "Just make this overseas and put a cheap Asian movement in it, and no one will care".

Well, I care.

This is about showing companies much larger than mine that the most dedicated of their customers, the ones who truly care about the heritage and craft of watchmaking, DO care.

Don't believe me?

Take it from an actual watchmaker commenting on one of my Instagram posts (from 02.15.2017):

"...I agree with your sentiments 100%. Those new ["Swiss Made"] regulations are purely ridiculous ...I checked out your homepage and I like what you are doing. Keep up the fight!"

We are in the minority, but since when has a paradigm shift come from the status quo? It takes a particular type of stubborn, persistent, passionate person to care about such a cause, especially when it is not immediately signaled by the watch itself.

If you found this website and read this post, it's likely you're part of that small, self-selecting group.

Make no mistake, by reserving a watch or just passing the message along, you're supporting honesty in business generally, and transparency in an industry that has long had a reputation for working behind a shroud.

Will you join me?