Delivering Exceptional Value


When is a "Swiss-Made" watch actually made in Switzerland?

Not as often as you'd think!

For years, the standards governing "Swiss-Made" have amounted to little more than "Swiss-Assembled".

As someone fascinated by watches and passionate about craftsmanship, it disappoints me that companies would charge ever higher prices for products that are not always 100% transparent.

Atelier Vaucher - "Atelier" is French for "workshop" and "Vaucher" is my family name that goes back hundreds of years in the French watchmaking region of the Jura - was started based on the belief that there is a better way: work directly with Swiss suppliers to deliver directly to you top-of-the-line watches, designed to be passed down to your children, and which don't require you to drain their inheritance to acquire!

Add a dash of the French style and influence which made a heavy impression on me growing up, and you have the makings of a company which was started first and foremost to provide unique value to you the customer.

This is a radical business model within the conservative Swiss watch industry, so I am humbled and grateful for your early support of this project.



David Vaucher, Founder of Atelier Vaucher